Upside down, Inside out…

The sun is still shining and megatunes is feeling upbeat. Hence today’s song feels like a celebration in a track, you cannot help but be uplifted by the bouncy guitar chords and Ross’ own silky vocals. A genuine classic.
A few Diana Ross facts to see you out…
  • Ross intended to call her third daughter “Chutney”, yet
    misspelled the name as “Chudney” on the birth certificate.
  • Her measurements are: 34C-25-35 (after surgery)
  • Has been nominated for 12 Grammy awards, but never won.
  • Is the most successful female recording artist ever with 18 US #1 hits
    and 70 top 10 hits since 1964
What a survivor.

Ms Dynamite

Whatever has happenend to Ms Dynamite? The rapper from Archway burst onto the scene in 2002 when she released her debut album A Little More. The album was both a critical and commercial success and when she began to take steps breaking into the much lauded US market, the world seemed to be at Dynamite’s feet.
Yet after a second album and a self imposed break from the scene our favourite North London grimester slipped under the radar. But Dynamite is back. She released the single Nova Soft earlier this month; the song is the lead single for a third album which is set to be finished early 2012.
Dy-Na-Mi-Tee is the first of two singles that I remember Ms Dynamite for.  The song is rich in nostalgia; it was massive
in my teenage years. With sharp lyrics and a silky beat this introduction to Ms Dynamite was made with a bang.
Dj Zinc’s collaboration with Dynamite, released in 2010 was a bass-heavy club banger, and a clear demonstration of Dynamites comeback potential.
To finish things off its only fair to give a mention to Ms Dynamite’s little Bro Akala. Now he may look suspiciously
like the kids who used to rob me on the back of the 43 bus, but I’m prepared to let that go. He’s talent to burn and just like his sister he’s due a comeback.

Is Tropical

Lies is a single from Is Tropical’s debut album Native To. I first came across the London trio when I saw their brilliant video to the single TheGreeks. It was and still is one of the best videos out there.  And having just seen the video to Lies, I can safely say they’ve done it again. Directed by photographer Jonathan Leder it’s an edgy provocative production. The song’s not half bad either! It’s got a big beat, interesting lyrics and a very catchy sound.

And just for good measure…

St Lucia

My treat from you today is a little gem by New York based artist St Lucia. All eyes on you is the lead single from St Lucia’s debut EP release, and has been made available for a free download here.
With the charts these days cluttered by the likes Pitbull, Chipmunk and someone called Dev, it is especially refreshing to hear St Lucia’s slice of genuine pop gold. This track has a definite 80’s feel to it – with an extended saxophone solo, a repetitive chorus and synthesised keyboard sounds throughout. This song gets better and better every time I play it. I particularly enjoy the noises at 1:10 that remind me of All Saints single Pure Shores. So jog on Pitbull and take that bloody Dev girl with you…

Surfer’s playlist

Fresh from a long weekend surfing in Cornwall, I am excited to bring you the megatunes that most capture the laidback, hedonistic lifestyle of the surfer. These nonchalant tracks are essential in any collection and are best enjoyed with some ice cold suds…
Having listened to this song, I was not surprised to find that The Grouch and Eligh (both members of the 8-man hip-hop crew Living Legends) originate from California. Their sound oozes the easy going temper of the Golden State.
Another band that sound quintessentially Californian are Slightly Stoopid. They are fucking gnarly dude.
Aloha K’Naan, thanks for this megatune.
I was introduced to Rapdragons by my friends at Beancountboost. They have a sick name and a dreamy style. You’ll enjoy.
It may be that Jack Johnson is a bit wet. It may be that Jack Johnson is that tool with an acoustic
guitar, who sits on the beach singing kumbaya. But nevertheless, in “Times Like These” Jack Johnson has penned a megatune that epitomizes the very existence of a surfer.

Caribou – Sun (Pyramid Remix)

BOOM! It’s the weekend and I’ve got a banger for you… Pyramid is part of France’s rich pedigree of electro artists, and if this song is anything to go by he can hold his own amongst his more celebrated peers.  Whilst it may not be the freshest track out there, it’s certainly not past its sell-by-date. So as long as the sun is still with us, enjoy this one’s summer vibes…

Geto Boys

Megatunes woke up this morning feeling gangster. There is no reason behind it, it just happened. And when it comes to tunes it doesn’t get more gangster than Geto Boys. The rappers from Texas are some of my personal
Why do I like this song so much? Maybe it’s because I can relate to the lyrics. Or maybe, because it’s a megatune.
If you could turn gangster into a sound, then it would sound like this.
A classic to round things off…

Zion I

If you didn’t already know about Zion I, it’s about time you did. The hip-hip duo – AMPLIVE & ZUMBI – originate from Oakland, California and have a knack for creating megatunes .
I first heard Caged Bird part 1 on the ski movie “Every Day is a Saturday.” It’s a fitting song; I can imagine the likes of Simon Dumont listening to this track for inspiration, before dropping off ridiculous cliffs. And whilst I will never be dropping off ridiculous cliffs it still gets me pumped.
The second track Coastin’ is also off their sixth album The Take Over. It’s a great song with a great flow and probably my favourite of the two.