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Welcome to megatunes.

Being my first entry, I will post 10 of my all time favourite songs to give a sense of my musical preferences.  They are a mixed bunch of songs, though they all share one common quality… they are all bonafied MEGATUNES! Enjoy.

One of my favourite bands of all time, I was lucky enough to see Blur live at Glastonbury a few years ago. It was possibly the greatest musical experience of my life and this is the song I will remember them for.

You know a megatune when you hear one. When this song was introduced to me a couple of weeks back (courtesy of a certain T.A.G.B) I immediately knew it was something special.  So, send my regards to the Baker man… SACCABONA!!

80’s music has made a revival in recent years. For me, this song epitomises all that is good with the 80’s sound.

This song has one of the best introductions I’ve ever heard. I don’t understand what they are saying for most of it, but it sounds good.

Is this a megatune? Yes, yes it is. I won’t tech-no for an answer…

Timeless classic.

The original to this song is great, but this is even better. A megatune, no doubt.

I had to have something from the Rolling Stones, and it was between this and Gimme Shelter – Sympathy For The Devil edged it… just.

When one considers Jay – Z this will often get overlooked. From Jay – Z’s debut album Reasonable Doubt, this one is a gem.

A bit of classic disco to round things off.

One response to “Welcome to megatunes.

  1. G-Dub Era ⋅

    Some certifiable bangers in here. Lack of citation on Sheila B. Devotion has upset one reader.

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