The Whitest Boy Alive – The Island

Any readers of MT’s will know how much I enjoy The Whitest Boy Alive, and in particular a certain Fred Falke remix of Golden Cage. So I was utterly delighted when I stumbled across this remix of The Island by Nat Self. The original is typical of the brilliance TWBA have in their locker, whilst Nat Self gives the track a tasty reworking. Definitely worth a click.
Whitest Boy Alive – Live On a Island  (Nat Self Romance Edit)
And the original…


Megatunes is back from the mountains. Whether it be the sleep deprivation, the sprinting through airports, or the cheap cheap chalet wine, the week has taken its toll. But fear not – for MT’s has great expectations for 2012 & won’t let a cruddy head stop its explosive expansion. New features are coming soon, watch this space…
But in the meantime – to soothe one’s cruddy head – here are the laid back vibes of Seattle rapper Sol. The easy flow of Sol first came to MT’s attention from the music pioneers at Beancountboost. It really is the perfect music for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Sol – 2020 (Right click & Save link as… for download)

Thanks to BCB.

Sol – This Shit (Right click & Save link as… for download)
Check out more of his stuff here.

The Rapture – Sail Away (Aeroplane remix)

Aeroplane doesn’t do little beats. The Belgian producers just doesn’t know how – it’s not in their makeup. It would be like asking The Geto Boys to do acoustic.  Aeroplane’s remix of The Rapture’s Sail Away is yet another example of their mastery of euphoric dance. Whenever Aeroplane next play in London, I’m there.  I’ve thrown in a few of their classics for good measure.
This is probably my favourite of Aeroplane’s work. I’ve had it for a couple of years, but it still gets me excited.
More of the same…

Moullinex and Peaches – Maniac

It’s absolute madness here at Megatunes, two posts in one day – unprecedented. But this has come fresh from Burn Studios as part of its “Casablanca Reworks” project. Sexy, provocative and catchy – Moullinex’s collaboration with Peaches is all of the above. Enjoy, right now i’m in serious danger of peaking too soon…

Friday Night Delights

What comes before Part-B? Part-A of course!!! Woop, it’s friday – for those of you who actually have jobs, it’s time to sit back and let these tunes get you in the mood.
I found this track in Aeroplane’s October mix. Those lads hate dance music (yeah, in opposite land).
Prior warning: Le Le – Neen, is dangerously catchy.

Le Le – Neen (Right click & Save link as… for download)

No youtube link for this one. But for one little click, it’s worth the effort – my pick of the bunch…
Gigamesh – People (Cyclist remix) 

Aquarius Heaven – Can’t Buy Love

I came across Aquarius Heaven through MT’s Berlin resident Sebastian Robertson. He introduced me to the work of AH and in particular Can’t Buy Love. It’s a great song, sexy and very dark. I particularly enjoy Aquarius Heaven prowling the video like some sort of pimp Minatour. Send the kids to bed – this one’s not PG.

01-aquarius_heaven–cant_buy_love_feat_dani_siciliano-dh_[] (Right click & Save link as… for download)