Adana Twins – Everyday

I can take no credit for finding Adana Twins’ Everyday. Glory has to go to The Prof (a.k.a Ed Kirk) and The Slippery Salmon (no a.k.a’s needed) for finding this slice of brilliance.

I don’t know what Jonas Erik Altberg (a.k.a Basshunter) is up to these days, but if he’s still hunting bass, then he’d need to look no further. Everyday’s marauding bassline is immense. Some great vocals and a masterful breakdown (at 4:10) later, and we’ve got a real banger!

You can buy the track here.

Softwar – Constellations

This track comes straight from the Casa Del Collin Rooftop Hammock Mix 2012 (work in progress). Softwar’s Constellations is so easy on the ear it’s unreal. Regulars of MTs will remember I posted a Softwar remix of Azari & III’s Into The Night a week or so ago. Constellations sounds very different, but is every bit as good. A fitting title track as this Australian outfit are destined for stardom. Thank you Softwar, and enjoy.

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Front Line Reggae

Reggae and sunshine are proper good mates. They complement each other perfectly. So without further ado here are a few tracks from compilation LP Front Line Reggae. Released in 1976, Front Line Reggae is no spring chicken, but these timeless classics all stand the test of time. Enjoy and ting.

Get the LP here.

Feelgood Friday

Things are hotting up here in London. Sleeves have been rolled up, shades are out and the girls are wearing less. Summer is most definitely on the horizon. A few tracks then to get you in the mood for a hazy weekend.

Heavy D tribute – Nuttin but love Cookin Soul remix 

The Black Keys – The Only One

Buy the track here.

Danny Brown – Grown Up

Timothy Wisdom – Knockdown

Feelgood Fridays

It’s that time of the week again. Your concentration is waning, you’re fidgeting in your seat and your mind is focussed purely on the fun that lies ahead. It’s Feelgood Friday here at MTs HQ.

This first track is totally unmissable. It would be a form of torture not allowing yourself the pleasure of this song. Just sit back and enjoy.

Klangkarussell – Sonnentanz

Next up – in a similar ilk to that of above – is this beauty. This one’s got bounce.

Freaks and 012 – Conscious (Henrik Schwarz Remix – Re.You Edit)

Buy the track here.

Lastly, from MTs ever reliant scouse source. Have a great weekend.


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Funk Off

Last week I posted Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Flip Da Beat; a song with an outrageous amount of funk. I inadvertently remarked, that if there were a song out there with more funk, then I would like to know what it is. A few days later, this is the response. Take your pick of the bunch, you’re about to get seriously funked up.

We’ll start with something strong. A classic Easy G after-cotch tune.

Oliver Cheatham – Get Down Saturday Night

Buy the track here.

So much funk, i’m dancing before i press play.

Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King – Love Come Down

Buy the track here.

No illusions, just funk.

Imagination-Just an Illusion

Buy the track here.

MTs Tokyo sources sent me this song. I pressed play and was like “Yeah boi, this shit got funk.”

Nicholas – Without You

Buy the album here.

You’ll definitely recognise this funk.

Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real

Buy the track here.

“Here come the men in black, galaxy funksters…”

Patrice Rushin – Forget Me Nots

Buy the track here.

A funk-off wouldn’t be complete without this Cameo.

Cameo – Word Up

Buy the track here.

Record Collection

A selection of songs that have been resonating from my headphones this week. Again, a varied bunch – though all marked with a big fat MTs seal of approval. Enjoy.

Azari & III are pretty hot right now, on the verge of being so hot right now. The remix is beautifully put together by Softwar. Free download below.

Azari & III – Into The Night (Softwar Remix) 

Azari & III – Into The Night (Softwar Remix)

From the first few notes I knew I would enjoy this song. The rest of it only gets better.

Felix Cartal – Black To White feat. Miss Palmer

Buy this track here.

Santigold – Disparate Youth.

Buy this track here.

And a classic from Kraftwerk to see us off…

Kraftwerk – The Model

Buy this track here.

Feelgood Friday

Last week it was pix-and-mix, this Friday’s all about the feelgood.


First up it’s H.O.S.H. I discovered this track (along with yesterday’s G.Vump post) on Aeroplane’s February mix. Cool, catchy and uplifting – H.O.S.H has crafted a real beauty here. Once again, massive kudos to Aeroplane whose mixes LITERALLY never fail to disappoint.

H.O.S.H  – What Do You Want Me To Say



This is a serious tune – if there is song out there with more funk, then I would like to know what it is.

Flip Da Beat – Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee



Lastly a bit of garage, coming fresh from MTs scouse sources. Follow the link and enjoy your weekends.

Tek Bax (The Large refix)