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Milos’ Magic

Today’s tracks all come from the magician of music that is Milos. His recommendations are always of the highest order. If you like what you hear then check out his blog – Far From Cyan – it’s top notch.

First up is Rayko’s subtle reworking of Barbara Keith’s classic, All Along The Watchtower. Rayko has kept the charm of the original, giving it a contemporary finish. Very nice stuff.

The Miracles Club’s I Can’t Help It is a bit of disco, a bit of house, and a bit of a tune. Keep them coming…

Some things in life give you instant gratification – like a Big Mac. Other things you have to work for – like Sudoku.  And while comparing Baio ‘Tanto feat. Matias Aguayo’ with Sudoku would be quite frankly wrong; it certainly needs a little more effort to be truly appreciated.

Enjoy your weekends.

2 responses to “Milos’ Magic

  1. Oh man. Rayko never disappoints.

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