The 2 Bears

I saw 2 Bears at xoyo for New Years and from what I can remember they were pretty raucous. So a 2 Bears remix of Hot Chip was always going to excite. Throw in vocals from Trim with a tropically infused electronic beat, and we’ve got ourselves a summer dance floor hit. Consider me a fan.

And a bit of jokes from the 2 Bears, Let’s have a bear hug…“I ain’t here to chirps, or to try and lift your skirt, let’s have a bear hug.” Grizzly style.

Disco Funk

It’s a very quick post today. First up is Denver duo Black Amex. These guys are massive funk fanatics; they really do love their disco. And right now i’m loving Pitch Black City. Check out their FB page more quality.

Continuing the disco theme – coming from MTs Blackpool sources – is this beaut of a track. “Wicked every time.”


Bruno Be

Today’s remixes are all courtesy of Brazilian producer Bruno Be. His songs are far from bangers – a couple may even be on the wetter side of damp – but nevertheless, they’re all expertly crafted and fall firmly into the early-evening-sundrenched-rooftop vibe. It’s effortless brilliance from Bruno.

Get a continuous stream of the tracks on The Hype Machine.

G-Eazy – Marilyn

Two posts in one day – sure, why not? Especially when G Eazy has just released his much anticipated Marilyn video. Once again the Oakland rapper delivers with his vintage-styling beats and effortless flow. I practically creamed myself the first time I heard Endless Summer, and Marilyn manages to maintain these ridiculously high standards. A star is born.

Kitsune America

These tracks all come fresh from Kitsune’s recently released America album. The album itself features some of the latest talent from the US, calling on a diverse mix of genres in doing so. It’s enjoyable stuff, and definitely worth a listen. As always, these are my pick of the bunch…


St. Lucia – Before The Dive



Oliver – Walk With Me 


Frances Rose – Vampire


Childish Gambino – Heartbreak (Them Jeans Remix) 


You can get the whole album here.

Summer Jams

Mr Overtime is a collaboration between Punks Jump Up and Chromeo’s Dave 1. The track is stamped with Chromeo’s signature electrofunk sound, and will no doubt be a big tune this summer. Shout out has to go to the other half of Megabeans – BCB – for the discovery of this gem. Exciting times to come.

You can buy the track here.


Next up is a preview of Infinity Ink’s Infinity – out next week. I’ve got a feeling Infinity will be an anthem of the summer. It reminds me of Summer Jam in its unpretentious, cheesy appeal. “Everybody calls me Mr Infinity, rocking around in your vicinity” Its got mad lyrics as well…


Now that I’ve mentioned it, still big…