Hype Man – Monsieur Le Croc


The Hype Man is back. On Friday 6th July – friends of MTs – Monsieur Le Croc, will be making their debut appearance at the Brixton Jamm. The only reasonable explanation for missing this one would be clinical insanity. The Tufnell Park duo deal only in big beats with the sharpest  of cuts.  Yup, yup, yup. A little taster is below. For details of the night, check out the Facebook page.

Amine Edge & Dance – Going To Heaven With The Goodie Goodies

It’s Thursday, it’s time for a big one. If Going To Heaven With The Goodie Goodies were a football skill it would be the classic shoulder drop. The shoulder drops and you’re going the way of some oriental-infused hip-hop, then BLAM! 1.04 hits, the song’s gone and you’re immersed in some deep, deep house. Laters.

Buy the track here.

Romeofoxtrott & G-Eazy


Quick couple of songs today. First up is this beauty by Romeofoxtrott. Great name, better song. Will definitely be keeping tabs on Ze German duo.


Any regular visitors will know of my love for G-Eazy. He’s just released another track, Mad. Once again it’s familiar with Eazy’s vintage doo-woop sound, and once again I’m hooked. Enjoy.

Van She – Jamaica

It may be more monsoon than June right now, but that’s not going to stop me blaring out some beachy Balearic beats. And with a title track of Jamaica, it would be deceptive of Van She if the Aussie band’s single was anything other than tropical. Fortunately the title doesn’t mislead, and this is tropical summery shit at its finest.

Thank you YumYum

After the weekend’s festivities it’s about time for a few tracks with a calmer edge. I haven’t sourced these tracks from far, I have straight-up taken them all from Chromemusic’s YumYum Top Tunes of June. It’s a blog I recommend highly and one that rarely disappoints. Some might say i’m being lazy, I say sharing is caring.