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Chamillionaire Takeover


This week it’s a selection of my favourite beach anthems in preparation for one last sun-soaked hurrah in the south of Portugal. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve secured some serious funds so you can expect these to be pumped out of the back of the Sunseeker when MTs and the boys head down to the Algarve for some R’n’R next week.

First up it’s a remix off of Beat Connection’s EP Surf Noir. The original Silver Screen flew under my radar when it was released back in 2010 but it’s hard to ignore this remix’s maelstrom of Pan Pipes, Cut Copy-esque oohs and ahhhs and slapped Bass. Enjoy!



I was treated to this beauty last weekend after a particularly brutal bender and could not help but be woken from my drunken stupour by Lana’s uplifting chorus and that Sizzling Sax. Props to Beancountboost for bringing this to me and now you.


Finally it’s my boy Breakbot’s remix of Roche. It’s hard to imagine a more beachy intro – and for those of you who are linguistically challenged here’s a (rough) translation of Sebastian Tellier’s french musings:
I dream of Biarritz in the Summer
The sun shines on my skin

I see girls tanning
I see the blue sky Marry you (!)
And I at once love you
I dream of you and me hand in hand
Love Sebastian

The sun shines and burns my name on your skin
Love the warm wind,I feel the heat of Summer….
Sebastian Tellier – Roche (Breakbot Remix)



2 responses to “Chamillionaire Takeover

  1. gillian gale ⋅

    Great music, Gill

  2. Alice Onderlund ⋅

    yo we’re the mp3s?

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