Megatunes are not genre specific, they certainly don’t have to be the latest release, simply put – you know a megatune when you hear one.
The songs featured on this blog are for promotional use only. Our goal is to promote the artists we feature, to expose great talent to a wider audience, and not to steal money from their pockets. If you would like a song removed, just get at us in the comments and we’ll be more than happy to oblige.

27 responses to “About

  1. Ed ⋅

    Where’s my song for the day?

  2. Adam Hyde


    Here’s our brand new remix of Passion Pit, it’s a free download.

    Passion Pit – Take a Walk (Peking Duk Remix)

    Hope you like. =)

  3. Kalei

    hey guys,

    this is a new House/Deep Disko Track by Kalei (Germany),

    Maybe you like what you hear.


  4. Hey Louis,

    Here is our brand new remix of Ben Howard, it’s a free download.

    Ben Howard – Old Pine (Peking Duk Remix)

    Hope you like. =)

  5. Tim

    Hey guys,,

    We’ve released our first EP free on Soundcloud! Check it out!


    Download it, post it, Enjoy!


  6. Mark

    Hi Guys!
    Our new track feat house Diva Andrea Love!

  7. 3 new disco remixes by Personal Touch!

  8. TeeTs

    This one is without a doubt a MEGATUNE. Any fan of music will enjoy this. http://soundcloud.com/teets/wide-awake-for-the-finale-teets

  9. Jeff ⋅

    This tunes been floating around the summer parties at my University. Perfect summer vibe. Give it a spin, I’m sure you’ll recognize it: http://soundcloud.com/johnthat/juicy-notorious-b-i-g-cover

  10. Hey Megatunes!

    TODAY IS THE DAY! Seattle singer-songwriter, Tess Henley, releases her brand new single, “Daydreaming”, on iTunes (here) as well as the official music video (here)!

    Tess is finishing up her full-length album with Dice Raw from The Roots crew in Philadelphia (set to release Fall 2012). “Daydreaming” was also recorded with the same team of talented musicians, including artist/producer/composer Khari Mateen (The Roots, Jill Scott, J*DaVeY). I handle her PR and see your site as a great fit for featuring this feel-good, summertime track. Thanks so much for your reply and time. We look forward to connecting and receiving your feedback!

  11. Hi the Megatunes Team,
    We are Dead Rock Machine (electro pop duet from France). You’ll find below a link to our latest remix for Hot Chip’s track “Night And Day”. The track is available to download.

    Dead Rock Machine is working on their first album and you can listen to more music from us on our soundcloud.
    We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
    Wish you all the best
    Dead Rock Machine

  12. Hi Louis, I’d love to send some music for Megatunes consideration. Please feel free to get in touch and I’ll send some Soundcloud links; very fussy with my roster so I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Thanks! James

  13. Hi! This is my new track ! Enjoy 😉 Tomasz Betka

  14. Hi!

    My name is Francis and I’m the founder of Chartburst.com, a new service aimed at connecting unsigned musicians with some of the worlds biggest labels (think Sony, Warner Bros, Atlantic and many more) via our user-voted charts. We believe we’re a totally unique service and are extremely excited about our imminent beta launch!

    I’m emailing you to ask whether or not you think your readers would be interested in invite codes that would allow them early access to the beta? It’s a private beta so only those with an invite will be allowed to join until we launch publicly (which will be early next year).

    We’re looking to offer around 1000 invites and would like to offer visitors to your blog 200 of the 1000.

    Let me know if you’d be interested!

    Kind Regards,
    Francis Gane

  15. Hi Megatunes, was looking for an e-mail address so I didn’t clog up your comments with self-plugging. No luck! It’s ok though – I’m a violinist and I rap so I think we have a carte blanche situation..?

    Here is a link to a tune from my forthcoming album, released 1st Feb 2013. Hope you enjoy.

    Happy New Year!

  16. Hey guys over at Megatunes!

    First off – Love the site. I really enjoy the content, as well as the layout/design. Really fresh! Anyways, I JUST finished this remix of DJ Sammy’s ‘Heaven,’ (well actually, I had remixed it a year before, but today I re-remixed it to you know, make it fresher.) Anyways, I think you’d really appreciate the spin i put on the track. Here i’ve included a link to the soundcloud page of the song. Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!


    – Manila

  17. Damn! This page is dope you guys on Megatunes!

    The content is amazing, as the design! Weird but who have ever said weird is a bad thing?

    Me and my friend Melou just finished this classical tune from Sting named “Shaped of My Heart” and I think you’d really appreciate the freshness we’ve settled.

    We would like to include a link to ya, and would appreciate if you could holla us back somehow!

    – Finis Mundi & Melou

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