Chamillionaire brings the funk

For my first ever MT’s guest special I give you Kon and the Gang’s delicious Get it Together. The latest release from the excellent purveyors of disco-house infusions at Basic Fingers speaks to Chamillionaire on every level: Chilled and reflective yet soulful, funky and smooth. It’s topical too, as the loop questions his lazy state of unemployment and the impending budget cuts that threaten to curtail his lavish lifestyle. I imagine a sun-drenched rooftop terrace packed with wanton hedonists ironically basking in the track’s effortless grooves.

The B side Strong Love (Everlasting) is none too shabby either. It’s OUT NOW.





Disco Funk

It’s a very quick post today. First up is Denver duo Black Amex. These guys are massive funk fanatics; they really do love their disco. And right now i’m loving Pitch Black City. Check out their FB page more quality.

Continuing the disco theme – coming from MTs Blackpool sources – is this beaut of a track. “Wicked every time.”