Snoop who?

More sunshine infused tunes coming your way straight from MTs HQ this afternoon. First up is La La La, by Snoop Lion, and produced by our friends Major Lazer. If Snoop Lion sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because he’s the reggae alter-ego of a certain Snoop Dogg. A great debut into the genre from Snoop.

La La La reminds me a lot of an old favourite, Eek-a-mouse. Not to be confused with his clean cut namesake Rastamouse, Eek has been dominating the rodent-Rastafarian scene for many years now. With calssics such as Ganga Smuggling and Rude Boy Jamaican it’s not difficult to see why.

Lastly, G Eazy has released a new track. How he manages to keep producing such quality at the rate he does is beyond me. But he manages, and he’s even got a new album coming soon – needless to say I’m excited.

Romeofoxtrott & G-Eazy


Quick couple of songs today. First up is this beauty by Romeofoxtrott. Great name, better song. Will definitely be keeping tabs on Ze German duo.


Any regular visitors will know of my love for G-Eazy. He’s just released another track, Mad. Once again it’s familiar with Eazy’s vintage doo-woop sound, and once again I’m hooked. Enjoy.

G-Eazy – Marilyn

Two posts in one day – sure, why not? Especially when G Eazy has just released his much anticipated Marilyn video. Once again the Oakland rapper delivers with his vintage-styling beats and effortless flow. I practically creamed myself the first time I heard Endless Summer, and Marilyn manages to maintain these ridiculously high standards. A star is born.

Best of 2011

Happy New Year from Megatunes! There were many great songs in 2011, but these are the cream of the crop. So whether its that rude bitch Azealia,  Eazy G or Wiley (still demanding a mill for a DJ set) that gets you going, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the list.

Azealia Banks – 212


St Lucia – All eyes on you


A.D.I.D.A.S – Killer Mike feat Big Boi & Sleepy Brown


Caribou – Sun (Pyramid remix)


Urban Cone – Urban Photograph

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans


L-Vis 1990 – Lost In Love


G Eazy – Endless Summer


Mark Ronson – Record Collection (Perseus Remix)


Laid Back – Bakerman (Soul Clap Remix)

G Eazy

I’m very happy to have come across G Eazy. I discovered him a few days ago, and his album Endless Summer has dominated my ipod ever since. His affection for the 50’s is apparent in everything he does; his look is akin to James Dean whilst samples of The Beach Boys and Dion give a contemporary twist on classics. It’s a unique approach that separates him from your typical rapper. Endless Summer really is one of my favourite albums of 2011, what’s more – you can download it for free here. Cheers G Eazy. Enjoy