Kitsune America

These tracks all come fresh from Kitsune’s recently released America album. The album itself features some of the latest talent from the US, calling on a diverse mix of genres in doing so. It’s enjoyable stuff, and definitely worth a listen. As always, these are my pick of the bunch…


St. Lucia – Before The Dive



Oliver – Walk With Me 


Frances Rose – Vampire


Childish Gambino – Heartbreak (Them Jeans Remix) 


You can get the whole album here.


As the weekend comes to an end and the reality of a working week begins to cast its dark shadow over me, I need a pick-me-up… So I thank the heavens for a certain Ed Kirk. His razor sharp foresight has brought to attention a night – in the not too distant future – which I can only describe as having got me MEGAPSYCHED!!
I’ve been playing this song for a while now and I don’t think there is a better time to post it…
WOW – This one is about to get messy… MEGAFUCKINGTUNE!!
I think i’m getting dangerously excited -check out the drop at 4.02…
Tronik Youth – A-Tracker
My good friends at beancountboost blogged about this one a while back – i couldn’t put it better myself. Listen to it on soundcloud here!
I’ve been waiting to blog about this one for a while. I cannot stress enough my love for Miami Horror and this song is them at their very best – euphoric shit right here.
I need to calm down a bit now…