Kitsune America

These tracks all come fresh from Kitsune’s recently released America album. The album itself features some of the latest talent from the US, calling on a diverse mix of genres in doing so. It’s enjoyable stuff, and definitely worth a listen. As always, these are my pick of the bunch…


St. Lucia – Before The Dive



Oliver – Walk With Me 


Frances Rose – Vampire


Childish Gambino – Heartbreak (Them Jeans Remix) 


You can get the whole album here.

Friday Night Delights

What comes before Part-B? Part-A of course!!! Woop, it’s friday – for those of you who actually have jobs, it’s time to sit back and let these tunes get you in the mood.
I found this track in Aeroplane’s October mix. Those lads hate dance music (yeah, in opposite land).
Prior warning: Le Le – Neen, is dangerously catchy.

Le Le – Neen (Right click & Save link as… for download)

No youtube link for this one. But for one little click, it’s worth the effort – my pick of the bunch…
Gigamesh – People (Cyclist remix)