Best of 2011

Happy New Year from Megatunes! There were many great songs in 2011, but these are the cream of the crop. So whether its that rude bitch Azealia,  Eazy G or Wiley (still demanding a mill for a DJ set) that gets you going, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the list.

Azealia Banks – 212


St Lucia – All eyes on you


A.D.I.D.A.S – Killer Mike feat Big Boi & Sleepy Brown


Caribou – Sun (Pyramid remix)


Urban Cone – Urban Photograph

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans


L-Vis 1990 – Lost In Love


G Eazy – Endless Summer


Mark Ronson – Record Collection (Perseus Remix)


Laid Back – Bakerman (Soul Clap Remix)

Welcome to megatunes.

Being my first entry, I will post 10 of my all time favourite songs to give a sense of my musical preferences.  They are a mixed bunch of songs, though they all share one common quality… they are all bonafied MEGATUNES! Enjoy.

One of my favourite bands of all time, I was lucky enough to see Blur live at Glastonbury a few years ago. It was possibly the greatest musical experience of my life and this is the song I will remember them for.

You know a megatune when you hear one. When this song was introduced to me a couple of weeks back (courtesy of a certain T.A.G.B) I immediately knew it was something special.  So, send my regards to the Baker man… SACCABONA!!

80’s music has made a revival in recent years. For me, this song epitomises all that is good with the 80’s sound.

This song has one of the best introductions I’ve ever heard. I don’t understand what they are saying for most of it, but it sounds good.

Is this a megatune? Yes, yes it is. I won’t tech-no for an answer…

Timeless classic.

The original to this song is great, but this is even better. A megatune, no doubt.

I had to have something from the Rolling Stones, and it was between this and Gimme Shelter – Sympathy For The Devil edged it… just.

When one considers Jay – Z this will often get overlooked. From Jay – Z’s debut album Reasonable Doubt, this one is a gem.

A bit of classic disco to round things off.