Surfer’s playlist

Fresh from a long weekend surfing in Cornwall, I am excited to bring you the megatunes that most capture the laidback, hedonistic lifestyle of the surfer. These nonchalant tracks are essential in any collection and are best enjoyed with some ice cold suds…
Having listened to this song, I was not surprised to find that The Grouch and Eligh (both members of the 8-man hip-hop crew Living Legends) originate from California. Their sound oozes the easy going temper of the Golden State.
Another band that sound quintessentially Californian are Slightly Stoopid. They are fucking gnarly dude.
Aloha K’Naan, thanks for this megatune.
I was introduced to Rapdragons by my friends at Beancountboost. They have a sick name and a dreamy style. You’ll enjoy.
It may be that Jack Johnson is a bit wet. It may be that Jack Johnson is that tool with an acoustic
guitar, who sits on the beach singing kumbaya. But nevertheless, in “Times Like These” Jack Johnson has penned a megatune that epitomizes the very existence of a surfer.